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Find Job Before Graduation From CNA

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Tips for nurses: I saw couple of thread from nurse forum that they are looking for a nursing position but being told there is no room to open. One of my friends was very sad too since she ask a hospital and the HR did same thing to her. I thought about “no opening” just a excuse but now I am thinking that is true story.

So, I encourage students apply for a nurse job before graduation, especially if your are in a big city. I remembered that when I was a nursing student, most classmate found a job before graduation. Think about this way: for who graduated in May would be orientation in Aug. If you apply from now, may be too later. It is reasonable if there is no opening. Normally, nurses leave around Nov if that is case. Later on, hospital will hire new graduates. On the other hand, most nurse training school do have graduates between May to Dec. Thus, strongly recommend done job seeking from April to Nov. Dont wait to the end.