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She’s been standing and staring at her bank statement for over an hour

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She’s been standing and staring at her bank statement for over an hour, She has been a poor nursing student for so long, actually getting paid to be a nurse put her in shock.

My first job as an RN paid $8.16/hour. I clearly remember multiplying that out and saying to my husband, “That’s over sixteen thousand dollars a year! I think we’re rich!”
(It was 1980)

Surprised! Because my first nursing check was only $19.03 and this was not in 1903! There was a problem with payroll…

After going from working every other weekend as a certified medication aide while in nursing school (less than $200/month, not even enough to cover gas to clinicals, but at least it was somthing), to working a 40-42 hour work week as as LPN at a job that paid 60% more per hour….I opened my online banking and couldn’t believe my eyes! I “print screened” it and emailed it to my husband!

It was an amazing validation for a year of hard work, especially considering so many people in this economy are having problems finding jobs with much more advanced degrees!

Can’t wait to see what it will be as an ADN, but it’s hard to beat the contrast from 8 hours/week as a CMA to FT LPN. =)

I was lost. Here I am, 23 years old, with almost 2,000 dollars in 2 weeks. WOW! What do I go and do now, ? after paying bills, I still felt rich, do I spend it recklessly? …..oh no. my mom taught me better than that. but after almost 2 years of working, I feel like we don’t get paid enough for the **** we deal with

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