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LPN Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

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A Licensed Practical Nurse or an LPN helps in cutting down the work pressure on Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses. If it weren’t for LPNs, the RNs would have to face even more stressful days and would be overworked. LPN Job Description basically includes providing patients with a level of caring that is very personal in nature.

Physicians and Registered Nurses normally are the ones supervising the work of a Licensed Practical Nurse. An LPN is granted with more and more responsibilities as they become experienced and proficient with time.

Common tasks that are the responsibility of an LPN include noting down vitals, monitoring volumes, helping patients move in order to avoid bedsores, wounds treatment and dressing, measuring height and weight, providing enemas, taking care of patient’s hygiene, checking blood pressure temperature, respiration and pulse, alcohol rubs and most importantly maintaining a friendly relation with the patient.

LPNs help the patients with the daily care activities while providing them with a personal level of care. A Licensed Practical Nurse is always there for the patient while the other nurses such as RNs and Nurse practitioners are busy with their own duties and can’t spend too much time with the patient.

An LPN job description might also include administering of medicines prescribed by the doctor and even starting of IVs. The job description varies according to the states’ laws and hospital settings. An LPN also, at times, assists with the delivery, feeding and caring of a baby. Apart from this, an LPN also schedules appointments and fills medical charts.

Usually, LPN job description is of general nature and it is confined mostly to healthcare and medicine. The workplace of an LPN is mainly a physician’s office, patient’s home, assisted living facility or a nursing home where they help with patient’s evaluation and supervising health care aides.

LPNs, the heart and soul of a health care facility, are required for the health care institution to run smoothly. Had it not been for Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners would certainly find their jobs really difficult to manage.

LPN Job Description explained above is in general sense. The job description might vary from place to place according to the different laws of different states.

Consider the following LPN job description sample so as to become clearer about the nature of job requirements in the real world.

LPN job summary as advertised:

  • Minimum working hours per week need to be between 30 and 35
  • Nursing services to be provided within defined competency level
  • Perform tasks such as daily patient care, dressing and checking for hygiene, etc.
  • Assisting doctors in minor surgical operations
  • Carrying out infection control procedures and sterile dressing
  • Keep track of patient’s food intake and record vital signs
  • Administer prescribed medicines
  • Educate patient and their families about health care and safety measures