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Real Life Stories of Being CNA

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I collect some of CNAs stories here, hopefully you make sense that being a CNA could make money enough to feed your babies or even your husband. As well as we will talk about medical coverage and bonus benefits.

I have a black woman colleague who is only one does income in here family. She is doing night shift and doing blood test job in other hospital. Her husband cannot work because of car accident injured. She got 4 beautiful kids, two got job and two attend school. Years ago, she bought a house and did some upgrades. Every time, you can ask her if there is overtime work need to be done. This month she bought a new Toyota. How happy she is!

Sophia works for a hospital as a CNA earning about 52,000 last year. Certainly, she did lot of overtime. She just turn 50 years old and feed two daughters. She just start to prepare RN study.

In general, as we learn from CNA class that keep attention on your waist. In practical still be the priority keep away from hurt. Always follow the rules. Keeping smile is also good for eliminating patients complaint. Remember that you can ask for help in two ways when super busy: PCA or nurse. Dont push yourself too hard. Some patients need two to help turning over you may wait until PCA or nurse come. In most cases you should say YES to patients they are happy you will be happy too.