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RN vs LVN vs CNA

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One of my friends said, “good RN must first have the LVN/CNA qualification”, the argument is very interesting, I have never heard this story before, never thought about this argument:

First of all, I can’t find any on the Internet about CNA (Certified Nurse Aid) of professional organizations, CNA make a phone call to ask the unit, they are also not heard CNA have to such organizations, so I get to the Internet to find several people website, CNA job responsibilities, work content mainly: help patients to take a bath, clean, tidy appearance, fed, to assist patients using medical appliance (such as: the up and down the wheelchair), measure vital signs, etc., and our hospital CNA job responsibilities.

As for LVN (Licensed Vocational or Practical Nurse) I will be very well, I have had lessons for LVN, in California LVN do nursing assessment and give intravenous drug, if you want to on the IV, small college IV LVN to get Certificate to do the technology; The RN training attaches great importance to the nursing assessment and critical thinking/judgment, the emphasis is on an RN can correctly judge the patient condition, contact relevant medical staff to provide timely treatment, for example: when a patient hospital for VT is going to install pacemaker, tomorrow at ten o ‘clock tonight patients appeared palpitation and telemetry is VT, RN assessment and nursing treatment is? Is the RN to do/to learn part, cleaning and feeding patients very, very important to us, but this is not an RN responsibilities, just like the doctor’s job is to diagnosis, doctors also do not need to be worked as a nurse, would provide a patient quality of care, because we (RN), LVN, CNA, Doc, Pharm) is a team, everyone should be responsible for the scope of work, have no who to who, under the all is for the sake of the patient in the work.

Finally, provide a material ( 1980 years ago, the United States an RN more engaged in technical work, cleaning, feeding, vital signs,…) , but as an RN common degree is not high, most only a high school degree, insufficient theory and knowledge of nursing assessment, can provide the quality of care ability is not enough independence, statistics show that 2000 state-controlled bharat sanchar nigam and ADN has more and more, and the degree of age is more and more low, on the one hand is nursing education level be sure by the masses, again is an RN pay more and more attention to theory and nursing assessment, previously the sort of technology plays a nursing mode has been gradually declining.

To sum up, from the above information, I can’t see that before you do an RN when CNA/LVN necessity is? These three work content and the required professional knowledge is really bad too much, my personal advice: intentional to America as an RN friend should focus more on the RN professional, LVN/CNA work for LVN/CNA!