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Some Important Duties of a CNA

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Certified nursing assistants are non technical staff members of nursing homes and hospitals and there are many duties of a CNA. They normally work in hospitals or nursing homes, but in many cases, they can also work in houses. These CNAs are called orderlies and home health assistants. They provide basic nursing features, but under the direction of a head nurse. Being a CNA is a great way to start a bright medical career. CNA courses are offered by various universities and colleges. There are even some special nursing schools, offering CNA courses.

There are many duties of a CNA, and he is called the ‘ears and eyes’ of the medical staff. Nursing assistants have to report to nurses about important information regarding the patients. In case there is an emergency, they can also report directly to the doctor. They generally form emotional bonds with patients and their relatives, because they are the ones who take complete care of the patient.

Important duties of a CNA

Toilet needs: A CNA needs to make sure that the toilet needs of the patient are taken care of. He has to provide a clean bedpan and then empty it later.

Personal hygiene: He has to make sure that the oral and personal hygiene of the patient is maintained. Some tasks in this category are cutting nails, shaving, changing, and bathing etc.
Patient records: He has to maintain medical records of patients. Some properties to check are blood pressure, temperature, weight, and pulse etc. He also has to make notes about the improvement that the patient is showing.

Housekeeping: It is among the duties of a CNA to clean up the room and change the bed sheet.
Diet care: A CNA has to help patients in feeding and walking. It is his responsibility to set up the meal tray of the patient according to his medical condition. He has to provide nutritional supplements to patients.

Medicine administering: A CNA has to make sure that the patient is receiving the medicines that are prescribed to him, and that he is taking those medicines on time.

Repositioning: A CNA has to change the position of the patient after some time, so that he does not develop bed sores.

Care of equipment: It is the responsibility of the CNA to help the nurse in cleaning and sterilizing the equipment after it is used. He also has to maintain cleanliness at different nursing stations.