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Get a Headstart as a Nursing Assistant With Online CNA Classes

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Online schooling is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of studying at your own pace, in a scenario of your own choosing, are becoming known to more people who wish to attain higher levels of education, like trade certification and even college degrees. However, there are some jobs that one can’t train for simply by sitting in front of a computer and going online – and nursing is one of them. There is some concern that since more and more people are taking online CNA classes instead of actually physically going to school for them, more and more nursing assistants are missing out on adequate training.

Misconceptions such as these only lead us to believe people don’t actually know what online CNA classes are all about. Certainly some jobs can’t be learned in the armchair – or the computer chair, as is often the case in this modern age. But sitting around is the last thing that online courses are encouraging aspiring nursing assistants to do.

Online courses are not done to take the place of practical training – they are only there to supplement it, by providing the necessary research materials, and assigning the proper study aids for trainees who are preparing to take the certification exam. Most online nursing schools, for example, approximate the demands of real schools, requiring the students to turn in their exams and homework at specific times. Some online schools, however, are more lax with deadlines; students can still pass no matter when they decide to finish the course requirements, just as long as they are able to finish before the end of the course period.

And just like in a regular nursing school, different certification exams would require different kinds of training. Certification to become a nursing assistant would require research and practical training that is at least similar to what one would get at a good community college. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), people who wish to be trained as certified nursing assistants would need to complete at least 75 hours of training by a registered nurse. This training should be geared toward helping the CNA aspirant gain certification.

One thing must be remembered: online CNA classes are not meant to take the place of hands-on training! You shouldn’t trust anyone who says you can be a certified nursing assistant even without completing the necessary hours of practical application. Good CNA classes should only help you become more aware of the skills you need to get in order to become a good healthcare worker – they should not even try to take the place of practical training.

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