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Vedio – CNA Skill Hand Washing

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For CNA Hand Washing: (Do not forget!!!)
1. Set aside some paper towels before you begin
2. Turn on the water and use a fair amount of soap
3. Wash hands thoroughly, up to the wrists and under your fingernails for at least 20 seconds
4. Make sure fingernails are positioned downward for water to drip off of, then tear off paper towels and dry your hands
5. Use a paper towel to turn the water on and off. Although these steps may seem detailed and petty, the examiner will be watching for each of them, so don’t cut corners
6. Keep fingernails trimmed. Long nails harbor germs!

The best way to master this skill is through practice. You can practice this skill at home. Make your own simulation and study. Washing your hands properly lets your examiner know that you care about maintaining cleanliness and preventing the transfer of germs to your patients or residents.

my instructors told ur to push back cuticles and go under each nail after you scrub fingertips on palms. also they taught us to use a towel to dispense soap. and when drying use one paper towel for each stroke. at least 4 for front and back both hands. not sure it is accurate or not. but may help some pass the exam.

In OR two paper towels for each hand. Hand wrist. Hand wrist. I do find the video’s where things are wrong helpful…as I point out what is :wrong” I realize I am more prepared than I thought! My test is Saturday!!