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Challenging The CNA Board Exam Without Training

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I am a student of pre-nursing thought to the CNA, while in school but I had no money and training time .. I went to Barnes and Noble and had a book for the nursing assistant and was wondering if you can take the exam.Can not be right, but as far as I know you can take the examination board (without attending the training class) it was before the CNA, let your license expires and more than two years since your license has expired.

We actually had this discussion in class today. There is a woman in our class who was the CNA, but its license expired 14 years ago, she had to take the class again. Our instructor asked an “FYI” that if we ever let our licenses expire (and fall within 2 years) we just call the office of the state and pay a $ 60 fee for take the test. She said that we would have three chances to pass before we return to the classroom.

The best way to find out is to call your state board and find out for themselves. I know in my state, there must be at least 60 hours in the teaching laboratory / clinic and 24 hours (mine is three days 8 hours) to qualify for the event. Thus, the study of a book and the test will not be allowed in my state.

I challenged the NH Council showed reciprocity in AD after the fact, but I was a doctor in the army for 5 years. I hope that’s the least they could do for people with experience! But I know you must have some medical experience and demonstrate to the board to see if they will accept you. Good luck! There are several ways to fund education, ease the state or pay for training and many other ways. Keep searching for information and not give up your dream!

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