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A Real Nusing Life It Did Not Happen Overnight

April 15, 2011 by  
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That did not happen overnight, but over time Jane was afraid to go to work. there were periods without enough people to meet new technologies to implement without adequate training. Manager Jane constantly looking over your shoulder and there was no possibility of a new idea, a profusion of all fires that have been discharged. […]

Open Visitation In General

March 5, 2011 by  
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This article explores issues of family-centered care and visits in the open environment of adult intensive care and is divided into three sections. The first section reviews the empirical and theoretical studies on family visits and critical views on the use of open visitation policies in the ICU. The second part examines the attitudes of […]

It Is Not Only Important For Nurses To Be Involved – Is Essential!?

March 4, 2011 by  
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Health care illness is in crisis. People are looking for basic health care in emergency departments, 51% of the population of the United States take drugs, and our biggest killers, obesity and lifestyle diseases are increasing. As treatment costs are increasing exponentially, the number of people covered by health insurance decreased. Often, the results of […]

Love Sweet Love

March 2, 2011 by  
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I’m a dork now that I think, but I love my job. The evening started off well .. We have full and within 10 minutes to get a job, we were cardioversion person. So we got a medical evacuation of an arrest after … It was a fun night. One patient sticks out today … […]

Nursing Schools Benefit From Online Classes In Push For More Students

February 23, 2011 by  
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Many people are looking for the best investment you can get for their careers. These investments include everything needed for learning and education. Distance learning associate degree in nursing is an investment in education so that people can get a better career. In fact, you may be able to take these courses, even without leaving […]

The Main Characteristics Of The Nursing Profession

February 14, 2011 by  
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You can give proper care to the patient, must take into account the patient’s situation is not only a health point of view and experience of pain, but also age, religion, race and culture. Empathy is often described as “putting oneself in the shoes of another person.” A lot of times you scrub urban free […]

Excellent Customer Service In Health Care

February 12, 2011 by  
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I love the customer service exceptional. Everything about it. Like those who serve do not think of themselves as waiters, but service workers. They like to make others feel special. They go out of their way to “Wow”. For these superstars of service, the service is not what they do, it is “who they are.” […]

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