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Being A Nurse Is Now One Of The Most Lucrative And Fastest-growing Occupations

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One nursing field is expected to increase in demand for gerontology. As people age faster now on average, older patients were taken into nursing homes and hospitals have grown up. Based on the study, patients older than 65 years make up 60% of adult visits to primary, 48% of hospital admissions, and 85% of residents […]

Doing An Excellent Job In Nursing

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Nursing began even before it had become a profession today. Nuns in convents offered to take care of the sick. People go to health care if they were poor or rich. soldiers knew first aid. They were the ones who took care of wounded comrades during wartime. These have strongly influenced the field of nursing […]

I Love Working In Geriatrics And Long-term Care

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I worked in geriatric nursing and long-term care for over 20 years. The same scenario was played hundreds of times in my career. It goes something like this: I meet a new person who asks me what I do in life. I tell them I’ma nurse. They are impressed and asked the hospital where I […]

Big-Time Alert Of Diapers And Nursing Homes

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First, the layer is placed in the criteria for the nursing home and patients were analyzed in diapers if you have an accident. Thus, patients kept saying, well, put me in a diaper. But some patients do not realize is that the layers of wear, giving more people permission not to come quickly when the […]

Nursing Home Changing Diapers

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This article, which everyone should read. The facts are these, that sometimes a nursing home and got to teach and train a new resident or patient is incontinent. How could this happen? How does something like this happening today? I’m going to write how it happens, for example, forty-five years old female patient came to […]

Application Of Various Nursing Scrubs

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The medical profession has always been known as a noble profession, where doctors and nurses are the caregivers. Like any other profession, medical uniforms nursing scrubs and white coat or medical laboratory is a source of great pride for staff. Unlike the days before, when the nursing scrubs available only in a limited range of […]

As A CNA-What Is The Daily Workload?

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If you’re a little confused about the gathering to engage in higher education, but do not know what to choose then maybe what the job you get later is about, you will . If being a certified nurse assistant is on your list, then this is for you. Read more and learn what makes a […]