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National League for Nursing (NLN) Pre-admission On-line Computer Test

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In states, most colleges require NLN (National League for Nursing ) pre-admission exam. There are some tips when you have plan to take a NLN test:

Students with prior nursing credit from another RN program (not CNA) do not need to take the NLN test. Students with previous nursing credit from other RN programs (not CNA) are advised to call the nursing department (847-214-7350).

NLN is on-line computer test, your test result will give you by:
* Examinees taking paper exams will receive a paper copy of their results.
* Examinees taking online exams will NOT receive a paper copy of their results, they can access their results online.

Registration for the NLN pre-admission test is done online by the student applicant. Please follow these directions to apply for the test:
1. Go to the NLN website at and click the “register here” button.
2. Follow the instructions on each page. Be sure to fill out all information fully and accurately.
3. When you have completed the registration process, be sure to print the testing permit to bring with you on the date of the exam.

Please note the following information:
1. Registration for each testing date closes one week before the date of testing.
2. Be ready to pay the exam fee of $85. Have your credit card handy.
3. If you have any questions about the registration process, call NLN Customer Service at
1-800-732-8656 or e-mail them at
4. Choose your testing date carefully since there is a $15 fee for rescheduling.


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  1. Shayna says:

    Hi, my name is Shayna and I recently went for a job interview at a hospital and was given this test as a “pre-screening” before the interview… Unfortunately, I got a 78% and needed an 80% in order to even interview, but I was invited back to re-test and try again… Anyways I was wondering have you seen any study guides for this test?